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You asked more juices, fruits and smoothies to cafe. The range has now been complemented, welcome to taste!
We checked the quality of the cherries and removed non-marketables.
The rules of the children's play box have need specified together with our customers.
Many wished to have vegan food in our selection. We heard you: Gold&Green pulled oats is now included in the menu!
Thanks for the tip about creating an article series "Hints for the bar industry". We'll start working on it!
CX day now starts earlier thanks to customer wishes.
Based on customer feedback, we have developed DNA TV's introduction, which should be clear, simple and fast for our customers.
Our internet connection speed has been increased at the request of customers. Now we use the 50 / 50M fiber optic internet.
You requested fan products to be sold at events, now we have them! Keep on giving feedback and we'll fulfill your wishes!
We have added products for vegans such as avocado sandwich.
Based on customer feedback, we have developed follow-up schedule to EURO2016 championship :)
We have made the gambling places in crocery stores more comfortable, because of your feedback. Please keep giving feedback to help us to improve your experience.
Pricing model for Savoy theater venue hiring has been revised due to customer feedback. Now the pricing model is clear and simplified.
Signage to the parking garage has been improved based on customer feedback.
You requested better signage at the event, we are happy to let you know that this has now been redesigned. Thank you for your feedback!
You requested unflavoured Rooibos bag tea to Herkku. We heard your wish and unflavoured Rooibos bag tea is now coming to our selection.
The feedback has now been acted on: there is also a gluten-free beer in our selection! What else would you like us to have?

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